2010 Audi A3 – From 153bhp to 183bhp!

Check out this Audi A3 we have recently had in for a custom dyno remap. As soon as the vehicle enters the workshop we perform a full diagnostics session to ensure its in full working condition before running on the dyno. After an extensive datalogging session, we can apply our tuned file top the vehicle and run it on the dyno to see just how much power we have unleashed!

Our customer was extremely pleased with the results and difference he felt in the vehicle.

All of our remaps benefit from the below too:

✔️Increased horsepower

✔️Increased torque

✔️Better throttle response

✔️Smoother power delivery

✔️Improved fuel economy

✔️Safer overtaking

If you’re interested in seeing what we can do with your vehicle then please drop us a message for a free quote!

Power Torque
Stock 153hp 355nm
logo Stage 1 183hp 409nm