2015 Range Rover Autobiography – From 335bhp to 393bhp!

We managed to unleash huge gains from 4.4l Diesel V8 under the bonnet of this Range Rover thanks to the engine being heavily detuned from the factory. With just a ECU remap, we released 58BHP and a massive 119NM of torque!
This has completely transformed the drivability of the vehicle, the customer was very pleased with the instant difference he felt.
All of our remaps also come with the below added benefits:
✔️Increased horsepower
✔️Increased torque
✔️Better throttle response
✔️Smoother power delivery
✔️Improved fuel economy
✔️Safer overtaking
If you’re interested in seeing what we can do with your vehicle then please drop us a message for a free quote!

Power Torque
Stock 335hp 700nm
logo Stage 1 393hp 819nm